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Kumullus is a new interactive video language that lets you :

  • Tell stories differently,
  • Communicate intelligently,
  • Educate with fun,
  • Give hands-on coaching,
  • Promote with impact,
  • Conduct visual studies,
  • Collect data discretely,

and quite simply maximise your performance!

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ACTIVATE your brand and product launches

  • The rollover feature: “like” your products instantly
  • Pop-up videos and multi-page features: learn more about a subject
  • In-video module evaluation
  • Contests, for collecting data
  • Forms for profiling your audience
  • Geolocalisation and accelerated access to your e-shop


GIVE your content new architecture

Structure your story into chapters and enrich your scenario. Videonauts explore the open-choice topics according to their knowledge, areas of interest and the time they have to spare. Video consumption is in their hands.



Our identification module qualifies internet users by form or by bridge from their social network profiles. Internet users' profiles are updated with their browsing paths and selections. Data visualisation is performed with our reporting tool, or directly with your CRM tools.


DISTRIBUTION couldn't be easier

Kumullus© Player integrates into your website and manages effortlessly all the front- and back-office features of our solution. The player works with all videos and on all hosting services, including video platform channels. It integrates dedicated features, including target highlighting, target-to-target navigation and specific sharing options. Kumullus© Player is multi-device enabled, and offers traffic monetisation that is compatible with IAB standards.


SHARE with all video platforms

Kumullus© Player is optimised to make the experience go viral. Videonauts can share the main video on all video platforms, such as YouTube. The video is tagged, redirecting internet users from the video platform to your page.


ENGAGE your audience through an intuitive experience

  • Every object in the video is clickable
  • Interactivity is activated in real time by touching or clicking
  • The ultra-precise tracking of the objects combine the movement and form of the subject

The Kumullus ©

Charlot Teaser

To understand the concept of Kumullus© Tribute to Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times

Bonne Energie

With Kumullus©, the property developer PRD reveals "Bonne Energie", its label that respect high demanding  green building requirements. The video shows a building constructed in Pantin. With interactivity features, we can go through topics of interest based on his profession (architect, engineer, local elected...) or the time available. This tool is used in business, on tablets and during tradeshow.

Are you the perfect co-worker?

Test your audience in a dynamic and fun way. Conditional architecture gives access to particular responses videos according to your choice. Kumullus© also has a reporting tool that measures traffic in the video and the data go directly to the CRM.

Satisfaction Survey

Online survey for customers with a Kumullus© enabled Argus de la Presse to qualify the specific needs of its 5,000 customers. The usage of the video has achieved a response rate of 10% and a completion rate of 85 % in this investigation.

Les recettes étoilées

Puget wished to associate its brand to the work of the great starred chefs. One of them, Eric Reitlher presents a tasty recipe, along with tips and tricks. The interactivity of Kumullus© allows to animate the videos here and especially to collect the data panels : Client Profiles, product , contests uses.

Kumullus © Stories

Jérôme Wallut

Icp Consulting

Jérôme WALLUT, expert in digital transformation and partner at ICP Consulting talks about Kumullus© and corporate video.

Olivier Raoux

Alios Development

Director of Alios Development explains how Kumullus© changed the sales approach in his market. Real estate development is a project business and to be able to show achievements, along with technical information, an enhanced video is an extremely effective tool for achieving this goal.

Benoit Delamarche


Benoit Delamarche, founder of Netopie, a computer company specialising in services for audiovisual production companies, explains how to better exploit Kumullus© video business. Video library is a valuable asset for the company, its classification and indexing make it simple and accessible information in videos for a real productivity gap.

Clément Lauras


Clement Lauras, product manager in immunology at AbbVie, explains why the solution Kumullus© perfectly meets the current challenges of e-learning and marketing in healthcare : dynamic and fun display, better message spreading, measures the completion rate and retention rate by the reporting tool.



Your collaborators demand more dynamic e-learning? With Kumullus© Learning, no more endless training programs and low completion rates. With our interactive videos programs, you can now create evolving learning paths and organized your modules. Completion and scoring tools are integrated into the program and are available on tablet.


You have equipped your sales teams with tablets, but have you think about the content? With Kumullus© Marketing, your sales force use full-video interactive contents to help them displaying and selling. Moreover, the tool can also collect and analyse the data.


You wish to communicate with video and know the behaviour of your audience into video? Kumullus© Communication allows you to deliver your messages to your audience, encourage the users to participate and track their behaviours into the video.

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